The area dedicated to the moulding of plastics and thermoplastics, in expansion, comprises two injection moulding machines of the latest generation of 140 and 830 tons. We connect all the machines to the factory management via tablet, allowing careful and continuous control of the particular products.

830 tonn

Forza di Chiusura: 830 tonn
Dimensione Piani: 1.430X1.430 mm
Passaggio colonne: 930X930 mm
Capacità di iniezione: 2.600 cc400cc.

140 tonn

Forza di Chiusura: 140 tonn
Dimensione Piani: 705X705 mm
Passaggio colonne: 465X465 mm
Capacità di iniezione: 412 cc

Our team is available to assist you with any request you may have. Starting with the co-design of the part and the selection of the best raw material, we can assist the customer in every way possible.

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