Our history


Tecnogomma was founded in 1992, during a hostile period for companies operating in the Italian and European automotive sectors. Gianfranco Osella was just a worker in a small rubber moulding company in Turin, when driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to start his own business.


Despite the negative economic situation, in 1994, the company moved to a larger plant in Venaria Reale, supported by constant growth. Until then, the main activity had been the production of technical articles for the car market and, in particular, for FIAT's economic activities.


In 1997, thanks to contacts with one of the main players in the household appliances market, part of the factory moved to the production of elements for the white goods market.


The continuous growth required a further expansion, so in 2000 the company purchased a new plant with an area of 7000 square metres: San Francesco al Campo (TO). Tecnogomma was turning from a small company to a structured reality and in 2001 it got its ISO 9001:2015 certification.


In 2003, to gain new product lines and work directly for FIAT, the company purchased Valgomma, which would allow Tecnogomma to enter the market of rubber mats for car interiors and splash shields for cars and industrial vehicles.

In 2005, another business opportunity showed up, so the production of tactile rubber pavement for the visually impaired began. 

A few years later, in 2007, the development of what would become the company's core business in the years to follow began: the production of critical parts for endothermic engines, in particular fuel oil and petrol vapour recirculation pipes. 


Following the path of rubber flooring, in 2009, Tecnogomma gained the contract for the production of all interior coatings for Paris metro carriages. 


In 2013, while operating mainly in the automotive sector, which over time had become increasingly demanding in terms of quality, the company got the ISO/TS 16949 certification, which turned into IATF 16949 in 2018.


Until then, the company focused its production on the injection moulding of rubber items. However, in 2018, thanks to the purchase of two new machines, the production of plastic and TPE parts took off. 

2019 was the year of changes that, until today, are transforming the automotive sector. One characteristic that a company must possess to prosper over time is the ability to adapt reactively to changing market conditions and, above all, to ‌ overcome the so-called "black swans".

Thanks to the acquisition of what in the following years will become one of its main customers, Tecnogomma secures a prominent position in the production of parts for electrically propelled vehicles.

Then 2020 presented a new challenge. This time not only for the company but for all of humanity. It is precisely in this period that, thanks to implementing a new ERP and MES for the connection of new machinery in an industry 4.0 perspective, Tecnogomma laid the foundations for a total modernisation and a streamlining of internal processes. 

Core Values


One of our founding values is quality, not only of the product but understood across the board. We are committed to constantly investing in new technologies to improve our items and the quality of our services. We care deeply about the quality of life of the people who work with us, focusing every day on creating a healthy, safe and rewarding working environment. In addition, we strive to ensure that our activity has a positive impact on the communities within which we operate.


We recognise that environmental responsibility is a fundamental prerequisite for the survival and prosperity of humankind. For this reason, our goal is to minimise as much as possible the impact that our business has on the environment by adopting a proactive approach to new environmental challenges. We are achieving this purpose by using renewable energy, increasing the life cycle of products, reducing waste, and reusing production waste.

Moral integrity

The concept of moral integrity applies to the state of honesty and sincerity in all aspects of one's life, including the workplace. Acting with integrity means doing what is right, even when this is difficult and not recognised by others. It means having an open mind, admitting one's mistakes and taking responsibility for the consequences. It denotes, when we interact with people in contact with us, being modest, not boasting about one's successes but, on the contrary, praising the successes of others.


"We listen to and understand the needs of our customers to offer them the most effective rubber and plastic moulding solutions, with the help of our suppliers."


"It is our vision to become a market leader in specific geographical segments or technology sectors so that all stakeholders benefit from our success."


Tecnogomma Srl has a fleet of machines that allow the production of a wide range of rubber items for the automotive, railway, nautical, telephony, industrial and personal protection sectors. We combine safety elements and functional features with aesthetic or high-technological elements.


Tecnogomma SRL owns the following certifications:

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